About Kathleen

“Limitations exist only in the mind” Kathleen Phythian.

Kathleen has been in private practise in Liverpool’s Rodney Street for nearly two decades. During this time she has treated thousands of people from the unemployed to the rich and famous. It has been one of the most successful and satisfying periods of her life and her enthusiasm remains undaunted.

Kathleen first became interested in the power of the mind back in the 1980′s and the more she studied the more fascinated she became. She became a certified hypnotherapist initially through the U.K.’s Hypnotherapy Control Board and then qualified with The Corporation of Advanced Hypnotherapists and The Atkinson-Ball College of Hypnotherapy and Hypno-healing. She has since studied with several hypnotherapy schools gaining qualifications of the highest standards in the very latest techniques. She is committed to ongoing training and professional development.

She feels very fortunate to have met and to be of help to some very wonderful people.

Some have been at the top of their respective amateur or professional sport, some in TV and the media many high ranking professionals and many more who lead not so glamorous lives but whose change in life was every bit as important to them.

In each and every case the clients confidentiality has and will always be maintained.

about kathleen

David Reeves, president of the National Register of Advanced Hypnotherapists awarded Kathleen with a life membership of the management committee ten years ago, something she is very proud of.

She is well respected by her peers and colleagues, her honesty and integrity is admired by many as is her loyalty and dedication to her work and her clients. She is altruistic by design and wants only the very best for each and every client, working with them to help them to get to where they deserve to be, to reach their true potential.

Kathleen’ s motto is ‘Limitations exist only in the mind’ a phrase she coined back in the nineties!

Children’s Author

Kathleen became a published author in June 2014 when her first two books The Candyfloss Tree and Unicorn Bridge first went into print. Since then she has published four more books about ‘Life on Belles Haven’ . She is hoping to have the next two in the series published in time for Christmas 2016.

They are inspirational motivational books for young people to help them to understand at an early age how important it is to have values in life. The series feature unicorns, fairies, wizards, a phoenix and many more quirky, mystical and magical creatures. They are fun as well as having those good sound underlying moral values within each of them. Kathleen says ‘I am always encouraging people to focus on their dreams and to learn to manifest them, to bring them alive. I thought it was time to do something special myself.

If you have an idea, a dream you would like to accomplish then ignore the naysayers, doubters and negative people who tell you you can’t achieve your goals. those who tell you you are not good enough are only jealous of your talents. Focus is everything. Belief in yourself is paramount. Gratitude is essential. Believe you will reach your goal and let nothing get in the way. Feel it, think it, breathe it, Love it and know with an unshakeable knowing that you will reach it. And you will.

All six books are available from Amazon and from a few selected shops in Liverpool.

Kathleen’s latest and much awaited book about Timothy and his secret diaries are now available on Amazon:-

It is a tale of a nine month old puppy who was discovered to be living in somebody’s car as the owner could not control him. Timothy was taken on as an emergency foster by Kathleen who although had rescued many collies over the years has never had a puppy – until now! This is Timothy’s Diary as he comes to live with her other collies Jack Laddie and Freya. His diaries are full of innuendo and he fondly talks about his ‘sexy times’ with Freya and anybody else who will entertain him. Life in Kathleen’s House of correction is funny as the young boy manages to misunderstand almost everything he is told and he secretly posts his blogs on Facebook whenever he can.

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Hobbies / Pastimes

Kathleen is a border collie enthusiast and in her spare time she enjoys training them at West Lancs Canine Centre in Formby and also with Andrea Little who reached Crufts in 2015 with her border collie Aero.

‘Border collies are not only very clever’ says Kathleen ‘ they are also so much fun to be around, watching them trying to round the crows up on the beach is hilarious’ All fifteen of Kathleen’s collies have been rescued and most of them rehabilitated and taught how to trust again, along with a few more she has fostered.

about kathleen

Liverpool has the largest collection of grade two listed buildings than anywhere outside of London. Our City has 2,500 listed buildings and 250 public monuments.

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