Alcohol abuse

“Limitations exist only in the mind” Kathleen Phythian.

Liverpool has a high rate of binge drinkers and alcoholics but no more than any other major city.

Alcohol can be fun when consumed responsibly and I imagine that most people have a favourite tipple which they enjoy. Many teenagers don’t drink responsibly but most of them mature at some point and are able to learn how to enjoy a drink and know when to stop.

When we drink alcohol it triggers an endorphin release in the brain giving us that feel good factor, so when we have had a tough day in the office or just a tough day in general, perhaps we’ve had some bad news or an unexpected bill but for some reason we are feeling low or dejected. We pour ourselves a drop of our favourite tipple and very quickly we get that rush, that feel good factor and the problems of the day don’t feel quite so bad any more. We have now learned that alcohol makes us feel better in some way and we will often follow that one drink with another. We all know that the problems will still be there tomorrow but hey, that’s tomorrow lets just have another drink now.

Some people very quickly become dependant on alcohol, using it as a crutch to help them through their life and when the consumption is overdone and becomes binge drinking then alcohol can blight your life and can and often does destroy family relationships.

The symptoms of alcoholism and problem drinking, or alcohol dependency include, when one drink is too many and then no amount is enough. It’s buying a double when everyone else is having a single, it’s having an extra drink at the bar when it is your turn to buy the round, it’s drinking at home alone on a regular basis, it is needing a drink before you go out to give you Dutch courage, or carrying a hip flask with you for the occasional snifter.

If you are unable to enjoy alcohol without knowing when to stop or without knowing when you have had enough, or perhaps you don’t mean to but find yourself going through a half bottle of wine each night after work or a few cans then you probably need help.

Alcohol is often used by people to ‘self medicate’ whether they realise this or not. It often [but not always] goes hand in hand with depression and or insomnia or indeed general anxiety, as an aid to blocking everything out. Some people get so bad that they drink until they pass out or they drink until there is no alcohol left to drink. They sometimes wet the bed, they usually put on weight and often spend a good deal of the day fighting the almighty hangover from the night before. Some are able to manage to drink day on day off, some manage to drink just at weekends but in all cases alcohol abuse is debilitating and stops people reaching their true potential.

Kathleen will help you to be able to enjoy alcohol as most people do – so as you are in control and not the other way around. A course of therapy will help to release the deep-rooted anxieties that are driving you to destruction.

For more information call Kathleen now on 07957904792 or 0151 284 7318 for a confidential no obligation chat to see how she can help you to turn your life around. You know you deserve it.



This is typical of the feedback Kathleen gets.

Hi Kathleen,
Well here we go my drunken life on paper for the first time ever for all to see haha, from my early thirty’s I started drinking heavy it would have been before that but I never had the money and it went on for the next nineteen years, night on night off drinking over twelve to fifteen pints of lager within two to three hours of being in a pub. It was a roller coaster of depression, panic attacks, guilt, anger, stomach pains and memory loss my nervous system was in melt down all due to the alcohol I was drinking. I had tried everything to stop and everywhere I went I got more confused with people saying I had to stop drinking I would listen to these people and stop drinking for one year a month and so on but all the time craving alcohol until, as a last ditched attempt I googled (I need to stop drinking) and Kathleen Phythians web site came up, this was in march 2013 and I haven’t looked back I still drink six to seven pints of lager over a four/five hour period, I go out two nights a week once in the middle of the week and then on a Saturday with my wife. I could go deep about all the symptoms and problems alcohol has caused me and everybody around me over these years however if you’re already drinking too much you already know what I was going through and what I would have wrote, all of the above problems are no longer in my daft head any more and the biggest thing out of all this is I DONT WAKE UP IN A PANIC WITH A HANG OVER ANY MORE I could have made this letter into a book but I will leave that to one of you who Kathleen helps to do that, Whoever you are and you want a way out of alcoholism go and see Kathleen she is such a warm clever caring person.

P.S Once again Kathleen thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the mental tools to turn my life around also through me my family and friends thank you.

My name is Christine, I was an absolute wreck when I came to see Kathleen, my drinking was controlling me, all I wanted to do all day long was drink alcohol and I had children who depended on me. When I woke up I wanted a drink, sometimes I could wait till the pubs opened, I was in a pretty bad way. I think I was looking for something else in yellow pages when Kathleens advert leapt out at me. I knew nothing about hypnotherapy and was really quite wary about it but she looked friendly, so I went to see her. She was just lovely to me and it was really easy to just open up to her, she said she could help me. I think I may have seen Kathleen around a dozen times and in that time she helped me to become a ‘normal’ drinker, my depression went my self esteem rocketed and so did my confidence. I have never looked back since seeing Kathleen and I recommend her every time I come across someone who is suffering like I was. Don’t suffer because there is light at the end of the tunnel she is lovely and she will help you.

Christine. Formby.

Dear Kathleen

I came to you a complete wreck, suffering from anxiety about being on my own in the house over-night, panic attacks when driving, and an inability to sleep without alcohol. I am now free of anxiety, can drive without having panic attacks and can sleep without the use of alcohol after 10-12 weeks of hypnotherapy.

I can’t thank you enough for the help you have given me and wouldn’t hesitate to come back for more hypnotherapy should I need it in the future.

Many thanks once again.

Results may vary and there are no guarantees as each person is different

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Results may vary, each client is different and there are no guarantees with hypnotherapy.