Bulimia Nervosa & Binge Eating

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Bulimia and binge eating are characterized by a desire to consume large amounts of food. The main difference between this and anorexia is that bulimia sufferers tend to exert efforts in compensating for the binge intake, known as purging. This can be in the form of fasting, vomiting or using laxatives or enemas. Sufferers of either of these conditions may hoard food and overeat when upset or stressed out.

Bulimia is closely related to feelings of lack of control and to emotional issues. Those with bulimia feel like they are more control of their life when they are in control of their eating. In time, they will find that they have lost control over their binge-and-purge cycle – what they thought of as their means of control is now ruling their lives in a destructive way.

The good news is that if your eating disorder stems from an anxiety-related issue, there is one effective way to put an end to it – Hypnotherapy can help you learn to control your very own state of awareness so that this understanding can change your actions from negative to positive putting you in real control, rather than your emotions controlling you.

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