Children’s problems

“Limitations exist only in the mind” Kathleen Phythian.

Kathleen has a uniquely wonderful way of working with children at her private practise in Liverpool’s Rodney Street. She is able to build up empathy and rapport with them very easily and quickly and so gaining their trust and respect which then helps to facilitate change more effectively.

Most children respond beautifully to hypnosis and love their time in her nice comfy chair.

The most common problems with younger children tend to be bed wetting, fear of needles, fear of school, fear of leaving one or other parent, and fear of bees and wasps.

While the older child may have problems with fear of dogs, fear of sleeping on their own, fear of eating certain kinds of food [ some children have become habitual junk food eaters and often need help to re-educate their minds in order to eat healthy foods] as children reach puberty they sometimes struggle with confidence issues, exam nerves and fear of failure.
As with all symptoms hypnotherapy can help with – the list is almost endless.

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This is typical of the feedback Kathleen gets.

To Kathleen, Thank you for helping me with my fear. I don’t feel scared any more & I really enjoyed my trip to North Wales with the school even when a butterfly flew over my head. My mum and dad don’t have to check upstairs any more for moths. . Thank you. Love from Sarah. Age 7 Woolton.

Frank Hornby 1863 – 1936 was born in Liverpool. He was a successful entrepreneur who invented the children’s construction kit ‘meccano’ as well as producing Hornby model railways and ‘Dinky’ cars.

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