“Limitations exist only in the mind” Kathleen Phythian.

Depression can be a very lonely place to be with well meaning and some not so well meaning people being quick to tell you to ‘pull yourself together’ ‘find yourself something to keep you busy’ ‘focus on all the good things in your life’ etc. etc. almost as if it is your own fault that you are depressed and if you just ‘keep yourself busy’ then the depression will go. This type of remark is unhelpful to the sufferer and can make them feel even worse.

When depression engulfs you little things can feel overwhelming and sometimes impossible and unachievable for the sufferer, many find life and daily living almost unbearable. You may get little or no pleasure in anything at all, often people just feel plain hopeless, not wanting to do things or to take part in everyday life and often shutting themselves away in a room by themselves. Some people find they have trouble sleeping and find themselves worrying about just about everything. Some just want to switch off from the world and sleep all the time, preferring to stay in bed rather than take part in family life, often feeling lethargic with low energy levels. Feelings of failure and of letting friends and family down are quite common and sufferers can lose their appetite completely or find themselves eating to excess for some perceived comfort. Depression can curb your sex drive and is common in both men and women. Lack of concentration can be a problem for many too.

When people talk of depression some think it means the person is suicidal and sadly that can be the case but depression begins the other end with mood swings. People find it difficult to be positive and are often only full of doom and gloom and find themselves fearing the worse in every situation.

Depression can cause difficulties throughout your life including in the work place. For many coping with depression while holding down a job can be tough. Every persons experience of depression is different. Sometimes it affects your performance and output at work and many working days may be lost with some having to take sick leave which can sometimes lead to job losses.

Like many chronic medical conditions, depression is treatable and in time you can recover from it completely. A growing number of people are seeking alternative and complimentary therapies when they spot the early warning signals of depression, preferring the talking therapies to a lifetime on prescribed medication.

Hypnotherapy can aid recovery from depression greatly. Kathleen will work with you over a number of weeks to help you to find and release the unresolved issues at the subconscious level that have built up over time and have just become too much to bear. It is in the releasing of the built up and trapped emotion that you begin to feel lighter, as if a burden had been lifted and can begin to gain control back over your life again.

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This is typical of the feedback Kathleen gets.

I had suffered from depression for a number of years and tried various treatments. After seeing numerous ‘experts’ and a taking variety of tablets I was in a dark hole with no light to be seen. Hypnotherapy was the last resort for me but I was willing to give anything a try. I could no longer cope with the irrational feelings of guilt, deep sadness, illness, self harm and insomnia. The worst thing for me was the confusion, I had no idea why I felt the way I did so it was impossible for me to understand why I was feeling this way.
A friend of mine recommended Kathleen and after discussion with my parents I decided to give hypnotherapy a go.
Kathleen instantly made me feel at ease, we had a chat about how I was feeling and Kathleen explained the process of hypnotherapy. During this first meeting Kathleen put me into a deep relaxation to get me used to the feeling of hypnosis. As she put me ‘under’ Kathleen told me that I was in control and anytime I was unhappy or uncomfortable I could bring myself out of this relaxed state. Kathleen also gave me strategies for dealing with the panic attacks I was having.
I left after our first meeting feeling much more optimistic!
The sessions that followed involved accessing my subconscious mind, finding the problems that had been locked away for so long and dealing with them. Kathleen explained that a lot of things are locked away because at a younger age they are too difficult to deal with but she enabled me to bring them forward and deal with them. After each session I felt extremely tired but with each problem we dealt with it felt like a weight being lifted from my shoulders.

I had to have quite a few sessions to clear out my subconscious mind but it was worth it. Kathleen began to feel like an old friend and I was very comfortable talking to her.
I used to be scared of crowds, struggled with relationships and felt poorly all the time.
I now work in a school, have a beautiful daughter, I am getting married next year , have had one day off work sick since I returned from maternity leave 18 months ago and have been antidepressant free for the past 10 years.
Kathleen taught me how to control my mind and not to let it control me. She truly is a wonderful person and I cannot thank her enough for helping to get me out of that black hole.
Hypnotherapy is not only a job for Kathleen but a passion and what more of a reward than knowing that you are having such a positive impact on people’s lives.


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