Eating disorders

“Limitations exist only in the mind” Kathleen Phythian.

Eating disorders come in many forms including anorexia nervosa, bulimia and obesity, these disorders can be found in cities world wide including Liverpool and are all treatable. Once you have ruled out any medical problems then the answer lies in the psyche. At her busy practise in Liverpool Kathleen works with all these conditions successfully.

Kathleen is often asked ‘do you do weight loss’ well, the answer is no, nor does she ‘do’ weight gain. What she does is help you to re-educate your eating pattern. She works with you to help you discover why you comfort eat or binge or indeed graze – or why you starve yourself or make yourself sick after eating – whatever the problem is – she will work with you to help you to find and release it, enabling you to eat healthily. This applies to the underweight client and to the overweight one. Once your eating pattern is reprogrammed, a gastric band can be hypnotically fitted if you are over weight.

Kathleen has worked with many people who have swung from obesity to bulimia or anorexia and back again. Is it time to re-educate your eating pattern? Are you ready to move on?
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