“Limitations exist only in the mind” Kathleen Phythian.

There are around twenty different eating venues in Liverpool One with almost every nationality catered for. If you have emetophobia though, eating out can be impossible as when people eat they might vomit. Not being able to control your thoughts can be scary, you mostly know the thoughts are irrational but they won’t go away.

Eating in restaurants isn’t the only problem for the emetophobic, the condition can develop to a fear of eating anywhere outside of their own home. Often obsessing about cleanliness and germs. Washing or sterilizing everything when you cook or do things around the house so you don’t get a germ that will make you ill and result in your throwing up. Worrying that something will happen to you and you’ll need to be hospitalized. Hospitals are full of sick people. The emetophobic might feel like your whole day is spent thinking about how you can avoid vomit or someone that might vomit, and what would happen if you can’t escape it.

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Kathleen, people like you make all the difference, thank you so much for everything, you have changed my life! Love, Helen xxx Southport.

The Phiharmonic Dining rooms in Liverpool city centre were built in 1898, and are well worth a visit, the men’s toilets are famous for their original, ornate marble urinals, Women are permitted to visit as part of organised tours. The building is a Grade II listed building

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