“Limitations exist only in the mind” Kathleen Phythian.

People can sometimes end up with odd or unusual habits as a result of a build up of subconscious anxiety. Lip biting, clicky jaw, trich, thumb sucking, etc. The lady quoted below used to draw blood she bit her lip so much. See what she has to say. No matter what your habit is it is ‘something inside of you and outside of your control’ and Kathleen can help you to overcome it.

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This is typical of the feedback Kathleen gets.

I decided to seek out a hypnotherapist in Liverpool to help me overcome a persistent habit I had lived with for over 15 years…biting my lip. A friend suggested hypnotherapy, and having done some online research, I also felt it was an option worth exploring, although I had some doubts about the process and whether it would work.

I started seeing Kathleen every week, and found the experience quite challenging. I continued to feel sceptical about the process throughout the sessions, and on more than one occasion questioned Kathleen on how and if it would work.

On my 7th or 8th session I left with a very strange feeling that remained with me throughout the following week, and could not believe it when I realised I had gone through 4 days without biting my lip. This had never ever happened before. It has been a couple of months now since that last session, and I am still amazed on a daily basis as I still haven’t bitten my lip once. My habit has totally disappeared.

I would absolutely recommend hypnotherapy to anyone looking to overcome an annoying habit. I would also recommend that anyone who is feeling doubtful or sceptical about the process just stick with it…if I had given up when I first questioned Kathleen about it, I would be sitting here biting my lip as I type!

Kathleen is an excellent therapist, and her calm and reassuring personality helps you to feel comfortable and in safe hands.

I would thoroughly recommend Kathleen as a hypnotherapist in Liverpool

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