“Limitations exist only in the mind” Kathleen Phythian.

Insomnia can be soul destroying. Lack of sleep or sleep deprivation can lead to irritability and mood swings and can result in people being short tempered and having impaired judgement and at her busy private practise in Liverpool, Kathleen has successfully treated countless people for this condition over the last two decades.

Typically the sufferer will lie in bed thinking over and over again ‘I can’t sleep – I’m not going to sleep tonight – I’m going to feel dreadful in the morning’ etc. All they are doing is confirming to their subconscious mind that they don’t want to sleep and they want to feel dreadful in the morning and so that is exactly what happens.

Kathleen has worked with clients who couldn’t ever remember having a proper nights sleep and who are overjoyed to say the least when they begin to sleep for seven or eight hours a night, each and every night naturally and without the aid of medication. Subsequently their whole lifestyle improves and they become much more calm and much more relaxed now that their sleep pattern has returned to normal.

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This is typical of the feedback Kathleen gets.

For a number of years I have suffered from insomnia. Then I contacted Kathleen Phythian. Her method of hypnotherapy worked wonders for me. She found the underlying causes of my sleeplessness, many of which I did not want to acknowledge. But she helped me deal with them. The memories are still there, but thanks to Kathleen they no longer hurt, they now have no power over me and I can sleep peacefully, without those unwanted thoughts constantly going through my mind and keeping me awake.

Thank you so much Kathleen. I am now having deep and restful sleep every night and I feel so much better in every way. Your hypnotherapy has made such a difference to my whole life.


Dear Kathleen

I came to you a complete wreck, suffering from anxiety about being on my own in the house over-night, panic attacks when driving, and an inability to sleep without alcohol. I am now free of anxiety, can drive without having panic attacks and can sleep without the use of alcohol after 10-12 weeks of hypnotherapy.

I can’t thank you enough for the help you have given me and wouldn’t hesitate to come back for more hypnotherapy should I need it in the future.

Many thanks once again.

Results may vary and there are no guarantees as each person is different

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Results may vary, each client is different and there are no guarantees with hypnotherapy.