“Limitations exist only in the mind” Kathleen Phythian.

Endorsements and Testimonials.

Results may vary and there are no guarantees as each person is different

Below is a small random selection of Endorsements and Testimonials Kathleen has received over nearly two decades in private practise.

Dear Kathleen

I came to you a complete wreck, suffering from anxiety about being on my own in the house over-night, panic attacks when driving, and an inability to sleep without alcohol. I am now free of anxiety, can drive without having panic attacks and can sleep without the use of alcohol after 10-12 weeks of hypnotherapy.

I can’t thank you enough for the help you have given me and wouldn’t hesitate to come back for more hypnotherapy should I need it in the future.

Many thanks once again.

Results may vary and there are no guarantees as each person is different

Fear of Driving

I was sceptical about the effectiveness of hypnotherapy, but was out of options in regards to solving my problem with motorway driving. Six sessions later and I am back on the road with no anxiety whatsoever. I don’t know how it works; I just know that it does work – without question. Kathleen is professional and personable. I could not recommend her more highly. I imagined that Kathleen would influence my ability to drive without anxiety by using the power of suggestion. This was not the case; the sessions were all about releasing deep-seated anxiety (that I did not realise I had) allowing me to be calm throughout my whole life, which in turn made me totally angst free whilst driving. The anxiety now seems like a dream that happened to someone else! If you have any further questions about my experience working with Kathleen please feel free to ask her to supply you with my telephone number – I would be more than happy to have a chat with you.


Results may vary and there are no guarantees as each person is different

Alcohol abuse.

Hi Kathleen,
Well here we go my drunken life on paper for the first time ever for all to see haha,

From my early thirty’s I started drinking heavy it would have been before that but I never had the money and it went on for the next nineteen years night on night off drinking over twelve to fifteen pints of lager within two to three hours of being in a pub it was a roller coaster of depression panic attacks guilt anger stomach pains memory loss my nervous system was in melt down all due to the alcohol I was drinking I had tried everything to stop and every where I went I got more confused with people saying I had to stop drinking I would listen to these people and stop drinking for one year a month and so on but all the time craving alcohol until as a last ditched attempt I googled (I need to stop drinking) and Kathleen Phythians web site came up this was in march 2013 and I haven’t looked back I still drink six to seven pints of lager over a four/five hour period I go out two night a week once in the middle of the week and on a Saturday with my wife. I could go deep about all the symptoms and problems alcohol has caused me and every body around me over these years however if your already drinking to much you already know what I was going through and what I would have wrote, all of the above problems are no longer in my daft head any more and the biggest thing out of all this is I DONT WAKE UP IN A PANIC WITH AN HANG OVER ANY MORE I could have made this letter into a book but I will leave that to one of you who Kathleen helps to do that, Who ever you are and you want a way out of alcoholism go and see Kathleen she is such a warm clever caring person.

P.S Once again Kathleen thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the mental tools to turn my life around also through me my family and friends thank you.

Results may vary and there are no guarantees as each person is different

Fear of Motorway Driving.

I came to visit Kathleen with a fear of motorway driving. To say the experience of hypnosis with Kathleen changed my life is an understatement. I developed a fear (quite suddenly) of driving on motorways having previously been a very confident motorway driver. I was not sure where the fear came from but it was so bad that the thought of joining a motorway meant I could never relax and enjoy my driving. I was frightened to drive on the motorway and would avoid it where possible. I worried that anything and everything would happen to me whilst driving and believed this would lead to an accident. I soon realised through Kathleen’s help that it was many factors that had led to me developing this fear. Once I relived the emotion associated and released that emotion I realised it couldn’t affect me anymore. This was all done through the hypnosis. Kathleen is professional at all times with her caring nature shining through. She puts you at ease from the first session and you feel comfortable knowing you are in a safe environment. I now have no fear driving on motorways and would recommend her without hesitation. If you ever feel that hypnosis would benefit you then go see Kathleen. She has changed my life and I will always be grateful to her for it”.

Results may vary and there are no guarantees as each person is different


Hi, my name is Keith and I came to see Kathleen in 1999 to give up smoking. I have never smoked since or even considered it.
When I first rang Kathleen I admitted I had already seen nine different hypnotherapists for a one session stop smoking but none had worked, I was smoking over a hundred cigarettes a day at that time. I asked her if she would have a go and she surprised me by saying no! She suggested I came to see her, she took a case history and I agreed to go through a course of therapy to get rid of the cause behind my need to smoke over a 100 cigarettes per day. The way Kathleen put it, you find the cause you take away the effect.
I believe I saw Kathleen for around ten sessions, not once did she mention smoking but bit by bit as we got rid of the garbage that was floating around my head – I naturally started to smoke less each day until one day I arrived and announced I was now only smoking twenty cigarettes a day – I couldn’t believe it – no effort at all from over 100 a day to twenty – it only took a few more sessions after that and I was free from the weed forever! It wasn’t just the smoking that went though, I also suffered from depression and that went along with my phobia about driving on motorways. Therapy was an eyeopener and I only wish I had gone to see her sooner.

If you don’t succeed with a one session for smoking – go to Kathleen, she will help you shift the block so as you can be a non smoker – just like me!
Keith, Edgehill.

Results may vary and there are no guarantees as each person is different

Self doubt, lack of direction, confidence and self esteem.



ALEX X 2005 Childwall.

Results may vary and there are no guarantees as each person is different


Kathleen, people like you make all the difference, thank you so much for everything, you have changed my life! Love,
Helen xxx Southport.

Results may vary and there are no guarantees as each person is different

Social anxiety.

When I came to see Kathleen I felt a bit stupid but she reassured me right away and put me at my ease. She helped me to overcome my social anxiety and my phobias and also to build my confidence back up. I now have a new job and it’s all thanks to Kathleen because I would never have had the confidence to go for it before! You are a star Kathleen and if I ever have any other problems I know where to come to. Thank you so very much!
Jenny. Crosby.

Results may vary and there are no guarantees as each person is different

Anxiety and panic attacks.

Hi my names Natalie and I’m 21 years old.
I suffered from really bad long term anxiety which sometimes brought on panic attacks and I came to the point were I just wanted to give up which is when I found kathleen. Kathleen was very easy to talk to and made it easy for me to open up. I had lots of questions which she was always willing to answer.
I’m only young and see myself as quite fun and outgoing and I felt asif my anxiety disorder was taking over my life, I had already tried CBT which was not effective, I’d also tried relaxation tapes, exercise and healthy eating (all the things the doctor advised) not of them worked. I would advise that any1 having this problem contacts kathleen, don’t put up with feeling ill when there’s somebody that CAN help you. I feel back to my old self and I feel happy again.
Kathleen has been amazing. Xxx

Results may vary and there are no guarantees as each person is different

Childhood phobia.

To Kathleen, Thank you for helping me with my fear. I don’t feel scared any more & I really enjoyed my trip to North Wales with the school even when a butterfly flew over my head. My mum and dad don’t have to check upstairs any more for moths. . Thank you.
Love from Sarah. Age 7 Woolton.

Results may vary and there are no guarantees as each person is different

Alcohol abuse.

My name is Christine, I was an absolute wreck when I came to see Kathleen, my drinking was controlling me, all I wanted to do all day long was drink alcohol and I had children who depended on me. When I woke up I wanted a drink, sometimes I could wait till the pubs opened, I was in a pretty bad way. I think I was looking for something else in yellow pages when Kathleens advert leapt out at me. I knew nothing about hypnotherapy and was really quite wary about it but she looked friendly, so I went to see her. She was just lovely to me and it was really easy to just open up to her, she said she could help me. I think I may have seen Kathleen around a dozen times and in that time she helped me to become a ‘normal’ drinker, my depression went my self esteem rocketed and so did my confidence. I have never looked back since seeing Kathleen and I recommend her every time I come across someone who is suffering like I was. Don’t suffer because there is light at the end of the tunnel she is lovely and she will help you.
Christine. Formby.

Results may vary and there are no guarantees as each person is different

Smoking and cannabis.

I came to see Kathleen to give up smoking. I smoked cannabis at night and ciggies in the day – I only wanted to give the ciggies up. She explained that I really needed to work through some therapy with her to get rid of both permanently. I only wanted to get rid of the ciggies so we did that and it worked. I was dead impressed coz I had tried patches and chewy and the false ciggies and none of them had worked but this did! I stayed off the cigs for a couple of years but smoked more pot, then I started back on the cigs again. I didn’t really want to work through any issues so I found someone else who guaranteed the stop smoking session, it didn’t work though so I was told to come back and we would do it again, I think I went back six times before I gave up and rang Kathleen again. This time we worked through therapy and I let go of quite a lot of baggage I had been carrying around and it was easier than I thought. I don’t smoke the weed now and I don’t smoke the cigs either and I wish I had just done the therapy first. Thank you Kathleen for everything, you have changed my life forever.

Results may vary and there are no guarantees as each person is different


For a number of years I have suffered from insomnia. Then I contacted Kathleen Phythian. Her method of hypnotherapy worked wonders for me. She found the underlying causes of my sleeplessness, many of which I did not want to acknowledge. But she helped me deal with them. The memories are still there, but thanks to Kathleen they no longer hurt, they now have no power over me and I can sleep peacefully, without those unwanted thoughts constantly going through my mind and keeping me awake.

Thank you so much Kathleen. I am now having deep and restful sleep every night and I feel so much better in every way. Your hypnotherapy has made such a difference to my whole life.


Results may vary and there are no guarantees as each person is different


I had suffered from depression for a number of years and tried various treatments. After seeing numerous ‘experts’ and a taking variety of tablets I was in a dark hole with no light to be seen. Hypnotherapy was the last resort for me but I was willing to give anything a try. I could no longer cope with the irrational feelings of guilt, deep sadness, illness, self harm and insomnia. The worst thing for me was the confusion, I had no idea why I felt the way I did so it was impossible for me to understand why I was feeling this way.
A friend of mine recommended Kathleen and after discussion with my parents I decided to give hypnotherapy a go.
Kathleen instantly made me feel at ease, we had a chat about how I was feeling and Kathleen explained the process of hypnotherapy. During this first meeting Kathleen put me into a deep relaxation to get me used to the feeling of hypnosis. As she put me ‘under’ Kathleen told me that I was in control and anytime I was unhappy or uncomfortable I could bring myself out of this relaxed state. Kathleen also gave me stratergies for dealing with the panic attacks I was having.
I left after our first meeting feeling much more optimistic!
The sessions that followed involved accessing my subconscious mind, finding the problems that had been locked away for so long and dealing with them. Kathleen explained that a lot of things are locked away because at a younger age they are too difficult to deal with but she enabled me to bring them forward and deal with them. After each session I felt extremely tired but with each problem we dealt with it felt like a weight being lifted from my shoulders.
I had to have quite a few sessions to clear out my subconscious mind but it was worth it. Kathleen began to feel like an old friend and I was very comfortable talking to her.
I used to be scared of crowds, struggled with relationships and felt poorly all the time.
I now work in a school, have a beautiful daughter, I am getting married next year , have had one day off work sick since I returned from maternity leave 18 months ago and have been antidepressant free for the past 10 years.
Kathleen taught me how to control my mind and not to let it control me. She truly is a wonderful person and I cannot thank her enough for helping to get me out of that black hole.
Hypnotherapy is not only a job for Kathleen but a passion and what more of a reward than knowing that you are having such a positive impact on people’s lives.


Results may vary and there are no guarantees as each person is different

Lip Biting.

I decided to seek out a hypnotherapist in Liverpool to help me overcome a persistent habit I had lived with for over 15 years…biting my lip. A friend suggested hypnotherapy, and having done some online research, I also felt it was an option worth exploring, although I had some doubts about the process and whether it would work.

I started seeing Kathleen every week, and found the experience quite challenging. I continued to feel sceptical about the process throughout the sessions, and on more than one occasion questioned Kathleen on how and if it would work.

On my 7th or 8th session I left with a very strange feeling that remained with me throughout the following week, and could not believe it when I realised I had gone through 4 days without biting my lip. This had never ever happened before. It has been a couple of months now since that last session, and I am still amazed on a daily basis as I still haven’t bitten my lip once. My habit has totally disappeared.

I would absolutely recommend hypnotherapy to anyone looking to overcome an annoying habit. I would also recommend that anyone who is feeling doubtful or sceptical about the process just stick with it…if I had given up when I first questioned Kathleen about it, I would be sitting here biting my lip as I type!

Kathleen is an excellent therapist, and her calm and reassuring personality helps you to feel comfortable and in safe hands.

I would thoroughly recommend Kathleen as a hypnotherapist in Liverpool

Results may vary and there are no guarantees as each person is different

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