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Vaginismus (also known as Vaginism) is a condition in which an attempt to insert something into a woman’s vagina causes the muscles surrounding the vagina to tighten, and to clamp shut, making penetration painful or impossible.

Vaginismus can affect sexual intercourse as well as gynaecological examinations and even the use of tampons.

Vaginismus is involuntary, and can be compared to any other reflex action where the body closes up as a reflex, like when the eye blinks if something approaches it.

In vaginismus, although the closing of the vagina is involuntary, it is often due to a learned response to pain, that is to say, the woman expects pain, or remembers previous painful experiences, or simply imagines that penetration will be painful, and the vaginismus reflex occurs. Vaginismus can be helped very successfully.

Woman with vaginismus can get caught in a ‘catch 22’ situation. They subconsciously expect, or fear pain, and the muscles tighten up. If penetration is then attempted, it can be painful simply because the muscles are tight. What happens then, is that the pain then subconsciously reinforces the fear, tells the subconscious that it was right to fear the pain, and it can cause an even stronger response the next time.

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